Unlocking The Minds Of Athletes

Ever been discouraged by your on-field performance, and wondered what the pro athletes know that you don't? I'll let you in on a secret: the reason 90% of amateur athletes fail to maximize their potential is NOT merely physical training (otherwise the most perfectly built athletes would be the most successful, and we all know this is not the case.)

The difference is MENTAL. In order for you to maximize your athletic performance, your physical and mental abilities must come together and work as one.

Throughout my amateur and professional career, I came to a powerful realization: athletes who prepared MENTALLY as well as physically consistently performed at a higher level, and reached their goals more quickly. Since so few amateur coaches spend time teaching these principles, I decided to package these principles in a way that young athletes everywhere can put into practice!

I've crystallized this mental preparation into 8 principles outlined in my Elite Process™, and I know that by applying this system of mental training you can find the same success and reach your full potential, just like the elite athletes who came before you!

UMA 049: Sport Psychologist Wendy Borlabi

Wendy Borlabi

Dr. Borlabi began her career in Sport Psychology at James Madison University (JMU) where she worked as the liaison between the Athletics Dept. and the Counseling and Student Development Center. During this period she established the JMU Sport Psychology program. During her initial position with JMU, Dr. Borlabi moved toward servicing more elite-level organizations by […]

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UMA 048: Mental Training Expert Hillary Cauthen

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

Dr. Cauthen has been involved in athletics since the age of four. Throughout her highly competitive training she has developed a love for sport and psychology. Dr. Cauthen has a passion for performance enhancement and life skill development among athletes, parents, and coaches she works with. She has developed and integrated personalized mental skills training […]

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UMA 047: Peak Performance Coach Graham Betchart

Graham Betchart

Graham is an internationally recognized mental strength and conditioning coach for basketball players. Graham is passionate about helping players reach their full potential by creating and maintaining a mindset for success.  Graham has trained basketball players and teams of all levels. He’s coached in China, Switzerland, and throughout the Caribbean.  His current work includes working […]

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UMA 046: Sport Psychology Consultant Kay Porter

Kay Porter1

Dr. Kay Porter owns Porter Performance Systems, a sports and organizational counseling firm in Eugene, Oregon. She teaches mental training techniques to athletes, teams, businesses, and school districts. She has also worked as a sport psychology consultant to the University of Oregon Athletic Department, USA Track and Field, and the U.S. Tennis Association. She is […]

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UMA 045: Mental Game Coach Steven Yellin

Steven Yellin

Steven Yellin is President and co-founder of PMPM Sports. He has been teaching tennis and golf for over 30 years and is responsible for developing the innovative and powerful drills that PMPM Sports uses that help athletes in all sports reach their full potential. Steven has developed a revolutionary training program that allows athletes to […]

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