Unlocking The Minds Of Athletes

Ever been discouraged by your on-field performance, and wondered what the pro athletes know that you don't? I'll let you in on a secret: the reason 90% of amateur athletes fail to maximize their potential is NOT merely physical training (otherwise the most perfectly built athletes would be the most successful, and we all know this is not the case.)

The difference is MENTAL. In order for you to maximize your athletic performance, your physical and mental abilities must come together and work as one.

Throughout my amateur and professional career, I came to a powerful realization: athletes who prepared MENTALLY as well as physically consistently performed at a higher level, and reached their goals more quickly. Since so few amateur coaches spend time teaching these principles, I decided to package these principles in a way that young athletes everywhere can put into practice!

I've crystallized this mental preparation into 8 principles outlined in my Elite Process™, and I know that by applying this system of mental training you can find the same success and reach your full potential, just like the elite athletes who came before you!

UMA 027: University of Utah Nicole Detling


Dr. Nicole Detling has been consulting with athletes and performers since 1998. Athletes, teams, and coaches of all ages, ability levels, and sports have sought Nicole’s services. She is currently an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in the Exercise and Sport Sciences Department at the University of Utah. Nicole served at the Coordinator of Sport Psychology Services […]

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UMA 026: Duke University Greg Dale

Greg Dale 2

Gregory A. Dale, Ph.D. is a Professor of Sport Psychology and Sport Ethics at Duke University. He is also the Director of the Sport Psychology and Leadership Programs for Duke Athletics. In addition to his work with Duke athletes and coaches, Greg consults with numerous college and professional athletes and teams.  He also consults with […]

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UMA 025: Sport Psychologist Dr. Erin Shannon

Erin Shannon

Dr. Erin Shannon is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and an Energy Medicine Practitioner specializing in Holistic Psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families, and maintains a private practice in Saint Louis Missouri and travels frequently to see patients around the United States and Canada. A graduate of both Loyola Marymount University and Pepperdine University In Southern […]

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UMA 024: Mental Skills Consultant Sarah Castillo

just me

Dr. Sarah Castillo, an AASP-certified sport psychology consultant, is the lead faculty and program director for National University’s. Prior to joining National University, Dr. Castillo spent nine years as a sport psychology consultant at the United States Military Academy at West Point. During her time with the Army, Dr. Castillo worked extensively with over 15 […]

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UMA 023: Sport Psychologist Dr. Kate Hays


Kate F. Hays, Ph.D., C.Psych., has been practicing psychology since 1971, first in New Hampshire and currently in Toronto. With a background in clinical psychology (Ph.D. from Boston University), for the past 25 years she has developed expertise in Sport Psychology, and more recently, the emerging field of Performance Psychology. As an independent scholar, Dr. Hays […]

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