Unlocking The Minds Of Athletes

Ever been discouraged by your on-field performance, and wondered what the pro athletes know that you don't? I'll let you in on a secret: the reason 90% of amateur athletes fail to maximize their potential is NOT merely physical training (otherwise the most perfectly built athletes would be the most successful, and we all know this is not the case.)

The difference is MENTAL. In order for you to maximize your athletic performance, your physical and mental abilities must come together and work as one.

Throughout my amateur and professional career, I came to a powerful realization: athletes who prepared MENTALLY as well as physically consistently performed at a higher level, and reached their goals more quickly. Since so few amateur coaches spend time teaching these principles, I decided to package these principles in a way that young athletes everywhere can put into practice!

I've crystallized this mental preparation into 8 principles outlined in my Elite Process™, and I know that by applying this system of mental training you can find the same success and reach your full potential, just like the elite athletes who came before you!

NFL and Super Bowl Veteran
Author, Creator of The Elite Process™

UMA 011: San Diego State University Shira Oretzky

Shira Oretzgy

Dr. Shira A. Oretzky is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and Sport Psychologist, specializing in working with athletes (youth, high-school, collegiate, and professional) and in health and wellness coaching. She is a faculty member at San Diego State University, where she works with NCAA Division I athletes and has a private practice in La Jolla, California. Dr. […]

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UMA 010: IMG Academy Angus Mugford

Angus Mugford

Dr. Mugford joined IMG Academy in 2004 and helped lead much of the growth and development of the team, managing a staff of 8 consultants and developing programs for junior and professional athletes and coaches. Through his understanding and application of skills, Angus trained athletes in group and individual settings, across a wide range of […]

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UMA 009: Minnesota State University Cindra Kamphoff


Dr. Kamphoff is recognized nationally for her work and contributions to the field of performance psychology.  As a leader, high performance coach, author, professor, and speaker, Dr. Kamphoff brings passion, energy, and authenticity to her work with athletes, performers, business people. She believes we perform each day, and the strategies and skills used to enhance […]

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UMA 008: Sports Psychologist Justin Anderson


Sports Psychologist Justin Anderson helps athletes, coaches and teams of any level tap into their strengths to achieve more from their sport. Dr. Anderson has consulted with many athletes, coaches and teams from around the country. Prior to opening Premier Sport Psychology, PLLC in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, he was employed by several NCAA Division I […]

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UMA 007: Sports Psychologist Jarrod Spencer

Jarrod Spencer

Dr. Jarrod Spencer is a Sports Psychologist whose passion is to assist athletes in attaining peak performance through sound emotional health. He is a trusted, leading authority on the mind of today’s athlete and is driven to educate others regarding how the mind works best.  Dr. Spencer’s teachings focus on the idea that a clearer […]

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