Unlocking The Minds Of Athletes

We believe the athletes’ ability is never limited, but often does not exceed their own thinking capacity. B3 Mental Performance will teach your athletes how to unlock their minds and reach peak performance. We provide 6 core workshops from one or both of our experts.

We train coaches and athletic trainers on implementing the most effective tools to move athletes’ to their elite level. Our approach tackles both mind and body of an individual. Our experts are highly qualified in areas of Biology, Psychology and Physical conditioning.

The B3 Mental Performance program will teach your athletes a holistic approach engaging and developing the whole person. This is key to unlocking the mind and uncovering your true potential on and off the field. Experts will teach skills in somatic psychology, biofeedback, relaxation, mindfulness, elite mental training, energy recognition, laser focus, covert sensitization, mental toughness, and 3 POP-points of performance.

  • Goal #1: Integrate mind and body to work as one to increase performance
  • Goal #2: Establish confidence building principles for transitional phases
  • Goal #3: Teach academic and athletic lifetime principles

UMA 065: Sport and Exercise Scientist David Harrison

David Harrison

David is an Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist.  He has extensive experience of working in sports, business and education environments helping people on their journey to reach their PINNACLE PERFORMANCE.  His philosophy has evolved through his education and experience to give him a unique understanding of sports psychology, the sports industry and education. He has […]

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UMA 064: IMG Academy Taryn Morgan

Taryn Morgan

Dr. Taryn Morgan is the Assistant Director of Athletic & Personal Development at IMG Academy. Dr. Morgan has consulted with numerous junior, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes and teams. She has been the mental conditioning consultant for Texas A&M Women’s Soccer, University of Tennessee Women’s Soccer, Rowing and Swimming/Diving, Maryville College Volleyball, the Southeast Florida […]

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UMA 063: Sports Psychology Consultant Reginald Younger Jr

Reginald Younger

Reggie is a Certified Sports Psychology Consultant by the Association for Applied Sports Psychology which is the largest sport and exercise psychology professional organization in North America. He is the founder of Visualize, Recognize, Capitalize, Sports Psychology Performance Group (VRC) whose motto is “See It”, “Feel it” “Conquer It”. VRC is dedicated to assisting athletes […]

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UMA 062: Performance Physiologist Mark Kovacs

Mark Kovacs

Dr. Kovacs is a performance physiologist, researcher, professor, author, speaker and coach with an extensive background training and researching elite athletes. He formerly directed the Sport Science, Strength & Conditioning and Coaching Education departments for the United States Tennis Association and was the Director of the Gatorade Sport Science Institute. He currently serves as the […]

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UMA 061: Psychologist Steven Ungerleider

Steven Ungerleider

Dr. Ungerleider, is a psychologist an author of six books. He completed his undergraduate studies in psychology at the University of Texas, where he also competed as a collegiate gymnast. Since 1984, Dr. Ungerleider has served on the United States Olympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry and has consulted with a number of international sport federations. In […]

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