This podcast is designed to detail how sports psychologist and the best athletes on the planet work together to create a mental framework for mental toughness and peak performance. Hosted by Isaac Byrd (@isaacbyrd), a NFL veteran. Each episodes brings you an interview with a sports psychologist or a mental-game coach who shares their journey, struggles, successes, pre and in-game mental techniques, teaching principles and much more. At the end of each episode, each sports psychologist enters THE TRAINING ROUND. In the Training Round, each psychologist picks two sports and gives two mental training techniques that will improve your performance as a coach or athlete immediately. You now have an inside look on exactly how top athletes and coaches are being mentally trained. This podcast offers an educational and entertaining experience that will help you achieve greater success during competition, coaching and/or in your business. If you would like to enter the minds of professional athletes, Isaac Byrd delivers 5 days a week M-F.

Think, Train and Perform Like a PRO Athlete!
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