UMA 067: Cal State Northridge Aaron Weinstein

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Aaron WeinsteinAs a lecturer of sport psychology at Cal State Northridge (CSUN) and a Performance Consultant, Aaron trains athletes in the mental skills needed for successful performance.  With a M.A. degree in sport psychology, he has worked as a consultant and counselor for a wide range of clientele, including NCAA Division I athletes, Olympic hopeful gymnasts, high-school and college students, weight-loss clients, and even professional poker players. Combining methods from experience as a collegiate instructor and personal consultant, Aaron uses a theory-based but unique approach in training mental toughness and helping clients achieve their goals.


Quote: Arthur Ashe, The only opponent you ever truly face is yourself.

2 things to listen for: 1st, Aaron breaks down the definition of the phrase mentally tough into two separate pieces and 2nd, he talks about his experience as an athlete with a perfectionist mindset and how it affected his performance.

Scenario: Aaron talks about teaching athletes a go-to routine to put them in the best position to succeed during tough moments in competition.

Training Round: Aaron talks about getting good sleep and why it’s very important when attempting to maximize your athletic ability.

Links:   @AaronWeinstein_

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