UMA 068: Clinical and Sport Psychologist Erin Haugen

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Erin HaugenDr. Haugen, Ph.D., LP, CC-AASP,  is a licensed clinical psychologist and sport psychologist. She holds adjunct faculty status in the University of North Dakota Psychology Department and has authored a number of professional publications and presentations. Dr. Haugen’s sport psychology practice focuses providing individual therapy to adolescents and adult athletes dealing with clinical and sport-related issues. She has professional experience working with athletes from over 15 different individual and team sports ranging from recreational to the elite/professional level. She also consults with teams for sport psychology services, including mental toughness, confidence, managing intensity, and goal-setting.


Quote: Lou Holtz, It’s not the load that breaks you down it’s the way that you carry it.

2 things to listen for: 1st, Erin list three things athletes go through when recovering from an injury and 2nd, she explains in detail how injured athletes can improve their game by working on the mental aspect of their sport and she list some great example.

Scenario: Erin talks about how an athlete needs to focus on the process of being successful and not the end result.

Training Round: Erin teach her athletes a ‘Mental Rehearsal Routine’ that makes the athlete visualize every aspect of their routine. This technique can be used in any sport.

Links:   @sportpsychnd

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