UMA 040: Certified Clinical Sport Psychologist Jack Singer

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Jack SingerDr. Jack Singer is a Certified Clinical Sports Psychologist and  has worked with Olympic and World Champion athletes. He teaches key skills to cope with competitive pressures, develop optimal performance consistently, and stay focused amid the many distractions, obstacles and disappointments that you inevitably face. Dr. Singer is one of the few Certified Sports Psychologists in the world who is trained and certified in Sport Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a powerful technique he teaches to all of his clients. His highly successful clients actually listen to their customized hypnotic recordings while they play. He calls this your “unfair advantage.”




Quote: Seeing opportunity in any situation

2 things to listen for: 1st, he goes over the benefits to how listening to customized hypnotic recording can help any athlete perform better during competition and he gives a great example and 2nd, he goes over how most athletes hypnotize themselves but they do it in a negative way.

Scenario: Techniques for basketball players to eliminate negative thoughts and change them into positive thoughts.

Training Round: 3 Step Technique he teaches his athletes to stop negative thoughts and changing them instantly.  

Links: 1)   2) @drjacksinger   3) Free 20 Minute Phone Consultation 1-800-497-9880

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