UMA 069: Indiana University Jesse A Steinfeldt

Posted on July 6, 2015 by Isaac 1 Comment

Jesse SteinfeldtDr. Steinfeldt is a Sport Psychologist and Associate Professor in his eighth year in the department of Counseling and Educational Psychology. He is currently the Director of Clinical Training for the Indiana University Sport and Performance Training Program for their Athletic Department. He teach a variety of graduate courses, including Interventions in Sport and Performance Psychology, Group Counseling, Introduction to Ethics and Professional Issues in Counseling, Counseling College Student-Athletes, Counseling Theories, and Career Counseling. He also teach an undergraduate class, Introduction to Counseling Psychology and Student-Athlete Mental Health, which his doctoral students also teach. Jesse has collaborated with colleagues to create a minor in Sport and Performance Psychology for our Counseling Psychology doctoral students wherein his students receive strong curricular training combined with supervised clinical practicum experiences with student-athletes in the Indiana University athletic department and at local high schools.

Quotes: Vince Lombardi, Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

2 things to listen for: 1st, Jesse gives us his definition of mental toughness and he explains how he gains insights to his athletes on what they believe it is and 2nd, he list some early warning signs athletes, coaches or parents can look for to know when an athlete is under-performing.

Scenario: Jesse teach his athletes a technique to silence negative thoughts like they might silence their little brother.

Training Round: Jesse discuss how he helps his athletes create a ‘Cue Activation Word’ to stay in the moment, relaxed and in a calm state of mind, and it can be used in any sport.

Links:  @IUSchoolofEd

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  1. Mark Ruggieri
    3 years ago

    Good stuff but not rocket science. This stuff has been around or ages. Nothing new. Just that most people don’t believe in it. It is absolutely true. Keep up the good fight and maybe some day the “know it all coaches” will actually follow this and the sports players will complete the physical and mental package. Also, this is a good method for high school and college subject matter. It will help the high school student do better on “in-class” and “standardized tests”. It’s really quite obvious but really hard to do. God made us so complex in order for it to take millions of years for us to embrace our power. Imagine the permutations and combinations of 12 billion brain cells. Keep up the good work, doc.


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