UMA 070: Sports Performance Expert Loren Fogelman

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loren fogelmanLoren is founder of Expert Sports Performance and an internationally recognized sports performance expert who works with some of the highest-ranked athletes in the nation. Results-focused and strengths-based, she motivates clients to achieve soaring performance. Loren is author of The Winning Point – How to Master the Mindset of Champions, an Amazon #1 bestseller. Recognized as a high performance consultant by the LA Times, Loren delivers the little known tactics to shift athletes from average to champions so they consistently perform to their full potential, even against tough competition.

Quote: It is always possible to turn a negative into a positive.

2 things to listen for: 1st, Loren explains the difference between peak performance and high performance and why high performance is better and 2nd, she list 5 steps she teach athletes to unleash the champion within.

Scenario: Loren gives us insight to training of one of her golf students after having a terrible round in a major tournament that included a mental game warmup.

Training Round: Lauren explains how you should stick with your game plan even when you’re up against a better opponent and the importance of creating a mental game warm-up.

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