UMA 020: Sports Psychologist Michael Edger

Posted on April 10, 2015 by Isaac 3 Comments

Michael EdgerMichael Edger experience includes consulting with professionals, collegiate, youth sports athletes, parents, coaches, teams and organizations to instill the mental-game principles needed to succeed and excel on the field and in the work place. He is one of the leading published authors in his areas of expertise publishing over 200 articles in the mental aspects of sports performance enhancement. Dr. Edger earned his Master’s degree in Sports Psychology.



Quote: Success using mental tools

2 things to listen for: 1st, he mentions the most important way to gain a competitive advantage as an athlete and 2nd, he talks about why it’s very important for coaches at all levels to learn mental toughness principles.

Training Round: He explains why using visualization techniques might not be an effective tool for you to use and he introduces the 3 R’s of Refocusing.

Links: @thezoneinsports


  1. lisa
    3 years ago



    • Patty Olson
      3 years ago

      I came across this interview on my news and now I am hooked so I will be back soon :) Looking forward to E21 thanks for sharing!


  2. Ryan Knucles
    3 years ago

    I second that ^ Dr. Edger made several excellent points. I am the acting AD at our local athletic association, so I appreciate the influence a players mentality has on how they play.


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