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To Perform like a Pro you must start Thinking like one!  In this “Instant Access” product, you will:
• Discover how the Elite Process™ can help you maximize your athletic ability.
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• Identify game day preparation mistakes that keeps you from performing at your optimal level and how to change it!

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TOP SELLING BOOK: How to Think Like a Pro, Act Like a Pro and Play Like a Pro

NFL and Super Bowl veteran Isaac Byrd makes available to all amateur athletes, coaches and parents the Elite Process. A mental training model that professional athletes use to play at their optimal performance level but never talk about to the public.
After reading the book you will:
• Discover a mental training process that is proven to develop, maximize and sustain athletic ability no matter the sport.
• Improve your game results by knowing exactly how to implement mental strategies only used by professional athletes.
• Finally know how to separate yourself from the competition which will allow you the opportunity to play at the next level.

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NFL And Superbowl Veteran Isaac Byrd Teaches Amateur Athletes Mental Training Techniques The Pros Use To Maximize Their Athletic Performance. Physical Training Will Only Get You So Far, Elite Athletes Focus On Their Physical And Mental Game Together!
In this exclusive membership athletes will receive; Book, Monthly Audios, Monthly Videos, Special Report, Mental Assessment, Workbook, Monthly Email Communication and Monthly Live Webinars all packed in a year round training course to improve athletic performance.


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