B3 Mental Performance is pleased to discuss services to support your team/school in achieving its goals for building a strong mind to reach optimal performance by providing coaching, counseling and elite mental training for its collaboratively developed mental performance program. B3 Mental Performance is continually proven to be a great opportunity to transforming athletes on and off the field. The Mental Performance Program is uniquely designed tailoring the needs of your athletes’ deepest fears and transforming them into elite players. Following are unique points about the Mental Performance program and its team:


  • #1 – Highly qualified experts: Isaac Byrd, named the best athlete to come out of Missouri (Post-Dispatch). He mastered basketball, baseball and football. Isaac had the opportunity to play minor league baseball and play 6 years in the NFL. Isaac is one of the few athletes to end his athletic career being drafted three times by three different professional teams in two sports.
  • #2 – Highly qualified experts, Jaketra Bryant is a licensed professional counselor who has studied human behavior for over 13 years. She couples her degrees in Biology and Psychology to show the link between mind and body. Together Jaketra and Isaac have developed a Mental Performance program that will lead your team to optimal performance and the highest recognition from all over.
  • #3 – Hands on training in Holistic Psychology and Energy Medicine from renowned Psychologist of Major League Baseball and National Football League teams.
  • #4 – The program is individualized and designed to your team(s) needs.
Think, Train and Perform Like a PRO Athlete!
Do you have what it takes to reach the absolute peak of your athletic ability? Let NFL and Super Bowl Veteran Isaac Byrd show you how to unlock your full potential!
  • Reach the PEAK of your athletic ability!
  • Think exactly like a PROFESSIONAL athlete!
  • Improve your athletic perception!
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