How your STUDENT ATHLETES benefits from hearing Isaac speak


Ideas they can use immediately:

Isaac gives your athletes the “want to,” and the “how to” so they can immediately put into action the strategies to maximize their ability.

Handouts which reinforce learning:

Audience members receive valuable handouts reinforcing the presentation’s message.

Laugh, learn & leave inspired:

Isaac is known for his dynamic deliver style which includes humorous anecdotes, exciting visuals and valuable content.

Opportunity to own additional resources:

With your permission, Isaac will give your audience the opportunity to take additional resources back with them to continue their learning.

They will have fun:

Isaac believes that the audience should be enjoying themselves. He uses a variety of techniques to see that your audience members have fun.

Proven strategies that work:

Isaac does not teach theories. He teaches techniques, ideas, and strategies within 8 Principles that have worked for him and other professional athletes.

Renewed commitment:

In Isaac’s presentations he challenges the audience to take action on what they have just learned, creating lasting results from the presentation.

Motivated to excel personally:

Isaac shares 8 major principles, which when implemented, has a dramatic impact on the results produced by the athletes.

Accessible during & after the presentation:

Isaac gladly answers audiences’ questions at the end of his presentations, and can also stay after the event to meet individually with audience members and/or athletes.

High-content delivery:

Isaac promises no fluff or rah-rah speeches. Instead, he consistently delivers proven techniques, ideas, principles, and strategies in each captivating presentation.

Media Material:

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