What Is the Elite Process™?

Affirmations: Retraining of the Mind

Affirmations are trigger tools – statements of belief, written and repeated as if the goals were already accomplished facts. Simply put, affirmations are statements that suggest a new behavior and outcome that you want to accomplish on any given day, game or season. Once your belief system is properly directed down the right path, it will lead you to …

Concentration: The Focus Needed to Induce Great Performances

Being able to fully concentrate is required to accomplish any great feat in life. Every elite athlete at some time had to improve on their level of concentration in order to obtain the level of success they ultimately reached.

Short Term Goals: The Path Taken to Reach a Greater Success

Short term goals that are reachable and measurable are very important while on your journey to maximizing your ability. It is very important that you do not make the same mistake that other amateur athletes make when setting long term goals. That mistake is not setting short term goals (the path) to monitor your progress to your long term goal (final destination). Short term goals are vital because they provide you with a vision of something you are aiming to achieve, and if done correctly and regularly, will

Long Term Goals: Your Final Destination

Long term goal setting involves planning your ideal future and motivating yourself to turn your visions into a reality. Long term goal setting is a process of deciding on something you want, a plan on how to get it, and then persistently working towards that objective. The goals must always be achievable within a certain time frame. Writing your goals down in the greatest of detail will do a few things for you. It will allow …

Confidence: The State of Mind Needed to Induce Faith

Confidence is solely based on the power of the belief you have about accomplishing a goal. Your level of confidence should stem from the trust you have in you having the skills needed to compete and succeed at a very high level.

Visualization: Mentally Seeing What You Want to Experience Physically

There are many definitions of the word visualization. The definition I like to use is; to form a mental image of. This mental image is the foundation from which your future will emerge. In order for athletes to perform at their very best, they must understand proper use of visualization. Visualizations allow you to dictate your accomplishments mentally, before they become your physical reality. Young athletes tend to limit their potential accomplishments by having a limited vision. The mental movie you play should be of you …

Game Day Preparation: Preparing the Mind for Game-Like Situations

Your game day preparations are extremely important because they allow you to start the process of reinforcing positive feedback to the brain. You must start to take control of your thoughts and feelings, especially before you step onto the field.

Persistence: The Continuous Effort Necessary to Produce a Desired Outcome

Persistence is an acquired skill. Your willpower will be the foundation of your persistence. Being persistent is not something you are born with. It is a skill that must be developed and maintained through conscious effort.

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